How to get 100,000 followers on LinkedIn!

Sounds difficult, right? But several users on LinkedIn have achieved this feat and continue to grow their followers at a frantic pace. For example, Oleg Vishnepolsky added 100,000 followers within a week doing simple things on LinkedIn! Adam Danyal and Brigette Hyacinth are two other great examples of power networkers who have gotten LinkedIn’s algorithm to work overtime!

Well, to be honest, not everyone will be able to achieve these numbers in a week, but you will definitely see a huge difference in your fan following on LinkedIn. Read on to know what you could do to see your LinkedIn follower numbers shoot up through the roof.

Focus on the basics

What was LinkedIn first created for? To help people network to find opportunities and hire the best people across the globe. This is what you need to do – focus on networking and recruitment. Oleg seems to have cracked the LinkedIn algorithm as he has seen his follower numbers cross a million! He has simple advice for aspiring networkers.

He says, “Be kind, helpful, humble, and honest. Help job seekers by liking and commenting on their posts, and referring them to recruiters. Let people know what you stand for in your writing. Remember to network, network, and network – that is what LinkedIn was built for.”

Hacking LinkedIn

What if I’m a job seeker?

If you’re looking for a job, mention that clearly on your LinkedIn profile. Remember to update your profile and mention all your accomplishments. Post on LinkedIn mentioning your desired position and geography, clearly define your aspirations, and tag someone with a lot of connections. One like or comment from the right person might just help your post reach not hundreds but thousands of people including potential employers.

I’m looking to employ someone

Post your requirements on LinkedIn and tag influencers like Oleg Vishnepolsky, Adam Danyal, Brigette Hyacinth, Minhaj Rais (yours truly! J), or anyone else you know who has a lot of connections on LinkedIn. Not everyone might respond well to you tagging them, but a lot of open-minded people might just help your post go viral.

With time, you’ll know who all respond to you tagging them. Also, remember to share/like/comment on a post if someone tags you – what goes around, comes around.

What if I’m marketing my products or services?

Again, focus on the basics – be humble and think about how you can help someone achieve their goals. Remember that LinkedIn has time and again proved to provide the best ROI for B2B marketing. So, you can hope for the best. Provide solutions and share valuable content on a regular basis.

Remember, the first few views are most important. If your network doesn’t like what you’ve posted, your post will be buried under a million other posts. Hence, figuring out the right people to tag is the key. Conversely, if the initial reaction to your post is good, the likes/comments will trigger LinkedIn’s algorithm to show your content to more and more people.

So, go ahead! Share this post via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social media you like. You never know who you might inspire to change their life!

Author: Minhaj Rais

All throughout my academic and professional career and in my personal life, one common virtue I've been acclaimed for is "being resourceful." This blog is on similar lines. The plan is to share thoughts and insights on Content Marketing, New Technologies, LinkedIn, Recruitment, Sourcing, Inspirational Ideas, Thought Leaders, and much more!

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